Education "Redefine learning through our digital campus management software"

All in one platform to manage campus and learning. Can be leveraged by any size of institution. Has the flexibility to adapt to any governance model. To enhance education efficacy and drive better learning outcomes, we offer complete Integrated SIS and LMS solutions

Student Information System (SIS)

Learning Management solutions (LMS)

Academic Governance

To meet all compliance required for accreditation we offers an online system that enables you to track, monitor and measure course delivery, teacher and student progress.


Now teaching is not confined to class rooms and is now more open and collaboration with chat rooms, voice messages, Polls and quiz for feedbacks and sharing teaching content. It triggers automate alerts for grades, important announcements, changes in lecture schedules and reminders for submissions.

Virtual Classroom

Stay connected with the Institution even when you’re away from campus. Our system engages students and teachers with real time class room experience by providing online interactive audio/video classes, chat rooms, whiteboards and attendance.


Score and Outcome

Our system has the flexibility to adapt to any governance model. Based on the accreditation parameters you can define, map and track operational processes scores with accuracy and better clarity.

Any time reporting

Following the system you can track your compliance on a daily basis which means you are ready for Accreditation any time. You get all the required reports with accuracy and without manual effort.

Controller of Examination

Flexible assessment model:

Our system aligns any regulation or assessment model in any country. We support a majority of programs in Engineering, Arts and Science, Medical Studies, Law, Business, Architecture and other Diploma programs.

Terminal Exam

System enables various methods, tools and technics to conduct online exam

Online Proctored Examinations

Safeguard against cheating or any malpractice while conducting examinations using Proctored by providing high security and Artificial Intelligence.


Student Analytics

Easy access to your students’ academic data and helps identify gaps and trends which keep you on top of student engagement and boost learning outcomes.

Institution Analytics

Provide insights to drive efficiency, reduce costs, manage workload and drive outcomes

K 12


Our system simplifies campus management for K12 Institutions following any governing body such as CBSE, International Baccalaureate, IGCSE or various local boards, across the world


Track student attendance and late-comers using biometric devices or via the mobile app. Alert parents instantly to enable them to take corrective action.


Our system bases assessments using rubrics tools which can be configured to any assessment model. Parents as well as students can be updated on assessment schedules and test results via the mobile app, SMS messages, emails or digital report cards.


Be alerted on pending issues that need immediate action? Use the app, SMS or email to send notifications concerning exam results, payment reminders and receipts, document submission and other administrative requirements.

Fee management

Get a real-time view of outstanding balances and cash collections. Configure the accounts receivable system to your requirements including scholarship, funding and multiple-payers as well as statutory and regulatory compliance like invoicing and taxes.


Our platform helps you allocate students to buses according to the route and boarding point. It also automatically calculates the transportation fee based on the routing. Parents can track the bus location using the mobile app.


Mobile Solution

Mobile application enhances teaching quality and students connectivity with real time updates and information


Students access the interactive virtual classroom, lecture timetables, examination schedule and results, interaction with teachers, alerts and communications


Helps Parents to track their child’s learning progress, attendance and better communication with teachers.

Teaching faculty

Mobile comes very handy for teachers to do attendance and share the lecture plans, assignments, exam timetable, assessment and feedback with students.


Helps management to monitor Teachers and students’ performance, billing and track academic progress.

Other Salient Features

Library Management

Hostel Management

Alumni Management

Asset Management

Student Digit Record

Content Management System