Smart Buildings "Enhance and conserve environment with our smart digital solutions"

We offer range of digital solutions for occupants, staff and management to optimize facilities, enhance occupant safety and comfort. Our smarter building solutions streamline processes and enhance quality of life.


Visitor Management


Asset Management

Maintain and track complete facilities/plants with unique identification code, barcode numbers, QR Codes and smart location tracking along with manufacturer details, insurance, facility audit and inspections.

Preventive Maintenance

Create, schedule and Track work order as per the manufacturer Recommended Checklist.


Centralized Automated work orders helpdesk for BMS alarm.

Contracts Management

Create contracts and sub-contracts for services outsourced.


Single & multi Store management with End to end material consumption monitoring.


Wide range of list reports with Dashboards and analytics.

Other Salient Feature

  • Employee management
  • Time and Attendance
  • SLA Management
  • Training
  • Workflow management



Create & Monitor budgets for Contracts, services and properties.


Initiate purchase requests, enquiries and Create LPO.


Manage payables & Receivables .


Smart Lightings

We offer solutions for energy efficiency, convenience and security with automated controls adjustments based on occupancy or daylight availability

Smart meter

Power ,Water, Gas Meters: Our Solution enables to record consumption, communicates the information for monitoring and billing

Fault detection diagnostics

Fault detection diagnostics

Visitor Management

Document Management

Central document manager

E document management system

Visitor Management

Our solution has on-arrival appointment request, verifying authenticity by OTP, Barcode enabled gate passes, registration process interfaced with web cams, biometric devices and scanners, Provision for short and long term passes, inspection of visitor belonging, host approval, define visitor type, role based user license.